Cholesterol Lowering Foods

If you want to lower cholesterol naturally, you should know some cholesterol lowering foods. Eat healthy foods and exercising regularly can help lower your cholesterol or keep a normal level. In addition, lack of physical activities and poor diet can increase your cholesterol.

The consumption of plant fibers is critical, particularly since soluble fiber binds to fats and removes them directly through the feces. This type of fiber found in legumes, glucomannan, guar gum, oat, barley and fruits such as apples. Oat bran and brown rice are the most recommended for lowering cholesterol.

You must use cold-pressed vegetable oils, like olive oil, soy, evening primrose, borage and black currant. These last three, rich in essential oils, reduce LDL levels and blood thinners.

Garlic either raw or as tablets or pearls is by far the king of anti-cholesterol. It helps to eliminate cholesterol and increase artery elasticity, and is also thus a good remedy for hypertension.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains in general should be consumed daily when it comes to lowering cholesterol. Consumption of oily fish like salmon, sardines and tuna reduce blood cholesterol. Nuts in moderation and consumed raw should be taken into account.

The use of chromium picolinate: it has been shown to reduce total cholesterol levels and improves the ratio of LDL and HDL.

Coenzyme Q10: powerful antioxidant that improves circulation and reduces the formation of arterial blockages.

Garlic: reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Soy Lecithin: it also reduces blood cholesterol.

Vitamin B Complex controls the level of cholesterol. These vitamins are necessary for the metabolism of fats since they protect the liver from fatty deposits. Vitamin C and vitamin E are used to lower cholesterol because they improve the circulation.

Do not drink alcohol, sugary drinks and carbonated colas. Moderate coffee consumption, increasing the risk of heart disease if consumed excessively.

Margarine, lard and butter: they are hydrogenated fats that clog arteries. Heat oil or fat, oxidized to produce the same free radicals, very harmful to health. Besides the heating of the fat acids as trans, toxic, which also block and clogs the arteries and increased levels of blood cholesterol.

Dairy foods: cheeses are especially rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats are closely linked to obesity, overweight, cardiovascular disease, etc. Nondairy cream substitutes (coffee) are rich in coconut or palm oils, highly saturated.

Egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. There are many studies indicating that cholesterol from the yolk does not change the values of blood cholesterol, so you can eat three or four eggs a week, although cholesterol is above normal levels.

Clearly, the egg is an excellent and healthy food because it contains protein of high biological value. The egg yolk provides healthy fats: phospholipids, linoleic acid, choline, and cholesterol. It provides phosphorus, zinc and selenium, as well as vitamin A, vitamin D, B12, folic acid and biotin.

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