Cholesterol Reducing Diet – How to Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol Reducing Diet – How to Reduce Cholesterol

Eat a large number of fruits and vegetables in your diet if you want to reduce cholesterol. Most cholesterol inspection report is usually only mentioned that total cholesterol number, in fact depends on the ratio between total cholesterol and high-density cholesterol. Total cholesterol divided by high-density cholesterol, if the ratio below three, you are very healthy, if the ratio is 5 or more, then the probability of suffering from cardiovascular disease is relatively high. Bad cholesterol and more time to form in the blood vessel wall plaque, will fall off over time grown very thick, and forming clots, blocked blood vessels.

How to lower cholesterol?

1. Cholesterol reducing diet should contain a lot of fiber. Fibers absorb the excessive food oils and fats, and then expelled through the stool. Apple is a fruit contains more fiber. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A person per day at least two Thai guava to eat the amount is enough, and must be dispersed among three meals a day or when the snack eaten and can not focus on one meal a finish. As long as compliance with the principles of this diet, many people’s cholesterol will come down.

2. Avoid mayonnaise, fried hamburger meat and other fried oil in your diet. Eat virgin olive oil, fish oil, seal oil, and linseed oil. Soy products, fish, turkey, and chicken breast is a better source of protein.

3. Daily exercise at least 30 minutes. Walking, running and swimming are all good, as long as they persevere.

How to reduce triglyceride

And the general cholesterol biggest difference is that the sugar in food, alcohol and eating too much starch would lead to high triglycerides. Therefore, to avoid excessively high triglycerides, you have to avoid alcohol, sweets, carbonated drinks, soft drinks, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, syrup, dried fruit, ice cream, jams and puddings such as sugary foods, even the brown sugar and honey is also best not to eat. What could eat then? You can eat less sweet fresh fruit, beverages should also be sugar-free principle.

The relationship between oil and gastric emptying

Oil and gastric emptying is also related. Emission rate of the digestive tract of food will be the impact of different types of food. If you eat things that no oil, only the starch, then the food will be from a sudden emptying into the small intestine. If the grease, then a lot of food remain in the stomach will be the longest of time. Because the body believe that oil is also more than that eating more protein, while the stomach is a digestive organ protein, so let fat and protein and more food to stay a little longer in the stomach, so stomach acid and stomach break down protein in the food a little too thorough, decomposition End another row sent to the small intestine, which is the body’s wise. If the meat and eat it did not take long on the row sent to the small intestine, the protein did not break down completely, then quite unlikely that this meal does not mean that it? Therefore, the stomach is very smart, when it detects a relatively large number of oil when it would be more slow gastric emptying, satiety is relatively long, hungry stomach is not easy. In addition, eat more oily food causes stomach is not hungry, but also including oil heat is relatively high, the rate of combustion is relatively slow.

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