Choosing The Right Foods to Reduce CholesterolLower Cholesterol Naturally

The heart-healthy food choices can reduce by 54% the daily intake of cholesterol favoring products and up to 74% of saturated fat. These two elements are key to the emergence of one of the main risk factors involved in the development of heart disease.

On the occasion of the celebration of World Heart Day, nutrition and health experts stress the importance of following healthy eating habits, which are crucial to prevent the onset of heart disease. “Knowing how to buy and prepare food properly favors the adoption of positive nutritional guidelines for our cardiovascular health,” explains Merisel Gomez, Nutrition and Health Program.

This is essential to follow a varied and balanced diet that includes five servings of fruits and vegetables, two fat dairy, whole grains, three servings of vegetables weekly, four weekly servings of fish, olive oil and nuts. These recommendations can be applied to the general population, but are particularly suitable for people with high cholesterol.

Experts explain that replacing some foods with others of similar characteristics can help significantly reduce cholesterol levels. They claim that the exclusive consumption of low-fat dairy may decrease by 80% the daily intake of saturated fat from this food group, and that the substitution of the other usual meat or lean white birds can reduce up to 20% intake provided cholesterol.

They also highlight the importance of including oily fish in the diet, which should be present in half the weekly rations because its fat content good for the heart is very high. Nuts are another food rich in these substances, and the use of a handful of walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds are a good ally in the fight against cholesterol.

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