How to Lower Cholesterol Without Dieting

Reduce cholesterol based on physical exercise. The control of food you eat is perhaps one of the most difficult habits to incorporate into the attempt to lower blood cholesterol, for those who want to care without dieting. Exercise is therefore the most effective tool in combating the progression of metabolic diseases.

This does not mean you should not control the diet, and physical activity in a passport is open to excess. On the contrary, is to balance the importance of each of the above factors.

Diet accounts for 20% of the total reduction of high cholesterol levels. The remainder is the regular practice of physical exercise, so it is more important than controlling what you eat. Anyway, this 20% is important for the world and you invested in the quality of food you eat.

Physical exercise to reduce cholesterol can be of any type and format. All you have to be similar in physical activity you choose, is to always encourage large muscle groups like legs, buttocks, back and chest.

With aerobic exercise there is no problem as running, walking, jumping rope, skating, cycling, skiing, and working the thighs and buttocks to perform the movement. While rowing, swimming and bike from using the muscles of chest and back mostly.

If you decide to force activities with bars and weight machines, the principle is the same; the exercise will be effective if you work the large muscle groups mentioned above.

Strength exercises are recommended to do three times weekly on alternate days, each session should include at least a basic exercise for chest, legs, back and buttocks, then you can supplement with small muscle exercises.

Fitness classes like Body Pump or any other that has possibility to vary the load and repetitions are also effective. To a lesser extent, the activities where you move briskly, but without following a given schedule are also recommended to control high cholesterol levels, such as dance and dance.

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