Lower LDL Cholesterol Foods – Learn to Lower Your Bad Cholesterol Naturally

Want to know lower LDL cholesterol foods? Cholesterol is the body essential nutrients and the composition of the body, but the long-term high intake of cholesterol is not conducive to good health, it will increase serum cholesterol, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and induce fatty liver.

Excessive accumulation of cholesterol caused a large number of various diseases. But how they can help themselves to consume excess cholesterol? Now let’s take a look at the health lower LDL cholesterol food list provided by U.S. experts.

1. Apple. Because of its rich pectin, cellulose and vitamin C, apple has a very good lipid-lowering effect. If you eat two apples a day for a month, LDL cholesterol (harmful to heart) in most people will be reduced, while the HDL cholesterol levels will rise.

2. Carrot. Carrot rich in calcium-rich pectin, which reacts with the bile acid. The body to produce bile acids are bound to use the blood cholesterol, thereby contributing to lower blood cholesterol levels.

3. Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, could lower serum cholesterol.

4. Almond. If your cholesterol levels were normal or slightly higher, you can use almond meal to replace low-nutrient density foods, to lower blood cholesterol and maintain heart health.

5. Kelp is rich in taurine, can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in bile. Kelp contain dietary fiber alginic acid which can also inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and promote excretion.

6. Garlic can reduce the hepatic synthesis of cholesterol. Just eat 3 garlic a day can effectively reduce the harmful cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, so that the incidence of heart disease reduced by 50%.

7. Milk contain calcium that can inhibit the cholesterol synthesis enzyme activity, and also can reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol.

8. Tea contain caffeine and polyphenols that have refreshing, strong heart and cholesterol lowering effect. Regular tea can prevent the increase of cholesterol in the human body.

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