Recommended Food (Allowed and Limited) For High Triglycerides

Food Allowed (moderate consumption)

– Milk and dairy products: semi-skimmed milk, skim milk, non-fat dry milk, low-fat yogurt, cheeses made from skim milk, soft cheeses and low-fat cheeses.

– Meat and protein: fish, tuna, salmon, semi-fat meats (lean beef, pork, chicken), chicken and turkey sausages,  low-fat ham (no bacon), whole egg. Chicken (no skin), turkey (no skin),  shellfish, veal, peanut butter, nuts, textured vegetable protein, soy and tofu.  Limit to 9 oz. per week of lean and trimmed beef, lamb, pork or ham packed in water or vegetable oil.

– Cereals, potatoes and vegetables: Potatoes, rice, pasta (prefer whole grain).  All vegetables, raw or cooked.

– Beverages: Coffee, tea, coffee substitutes, low calorie carbonated drinks, unsweetened fruit juices, vegetable juices.

– Fat: Low-calorie margarine, polyunsaturated fats including margarine with liquid vegetable oil, oils made from corn, soybean, safflower, cottonseed, mayonnaise and salad dressing made with allowed oils.

LIMITED FOOD (eating sporadically or in small quantities)

– Milk and dairy: Chocolate milk, whole milk, 2% milk, regular buttermilk, condensed milk, sour cream, regular yogurt, non-dairy cream substitutes, other cheeses.

– Meat: Fried meats, duck, goose, heavily marbled and fatty meats, ribs, mutton, frankfurters, sausage, regular ground beef, bacon, luncheon meats, kidney, brains, heart, sweetbreads, liver.

– Vegetables: Vegetables prepared with butter, cream, cheese and other sauces.

– Fruits: Dried fruits (figs, dates, prunes), in syrup, candied and crystallized.

– Beverages: All alcoholic. Hot chocolate, regular milkshakes, eggnog, regular soft drinks, fruit flavored drinks and fruit juices with sugar added

– Fats: Butter, regular margarine, palm and coconut oil, solid shortening, lard, bacon fat, regular gravies, salad dressings with cheese.

– Other products: sugar, fructose, glucose syrup, jam, honey, chocolate and products, bakery products, sugar-sweetened. Yolk-containing products (mayonnaise, cakes, pies).

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