The Diet Solution Program – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diet Solution Program?

The Diet Solution Program is created by a good fitness trainer and nutritionist named Isabel De Los Rios. The Diet Solution Program is a dietary program based specifically on understanding and determining your body’s metabolic type and calorie intake in order to properly calculate the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in your daily meals. Eliminating the dietary food that does not suite your metabolic type will allow you to lose weight. The Diet Solution Program likewise claims to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and it claims it will enhance other health related issues and increase your energy levels.

The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios is not a fad diet like some dietary programs today. It is a great nutritional program that focuses on long term benefits. It is not a one size fits all diet plan. It offers a personalized meal plan based on an individual’s metabolic type. The program emphasizes and focuses on nutrient rich and healthy food in order to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

In order to determine your metabolic type, there will be a series of questions that you should answer first and then calculate your calorie intake goal. After that, there‘s a 6-week meal plan that you have to follow that outlines a variety of food choices for each snack and meal. The meal plans are personalized to your metabolic type, and you can add more carbohydrates or proteins to suit your metabolic type. If you found out your metabolic type is mixed then your meal plan needs no more modification. Despite what your metabolic type is, the program encourages you to consume 3 main meals and 2 snacks, as well as taking omega-3 supplement.

The meal plans for the program provides guidelines on the correct portion sizes for your food choices, and people who are on a diet are advised to keep track and have a record of their everyday food intake. The whole dietary program includes a quick start guide, recipes, daily meal plans, shopping lists, FAQs, and a tracking journal.

How much weight can I lose on The Diet Solution Program?

All the weight you want to lose! You can achieve your ideal weight when you follow the nutritional principles taught in this manual.

You will see and feel the results right away. Most people lose anywhere from 4-8 lbs just in the first week. I know what you’re thinking, some of this weight is water weight, but why are most people holding on to so much water weight to begin with? Because they are eating all the wrong foods. After the first week, weight loss averages 1-2 lbs every week.

Why does this program work (where so many other programs have failed)?

Countless studies and real world results have proven every principle taught in The DSP to be the most effective way to lose weight and prevent disease and negative health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Isabel personally incorporates every principle taught in the Diet Solution Program into her and her family’s daily life. Similarly, countless numbers of her own clients, seminar attendees, fellow health professionals and friends and family have followed these exacts principles and achieved their own weight loss and health success.

Do I have to buy any supplements, pills, or bars and shakes for this program?

No! Pills, supplements, bars or shakes are not necessary for this program to work. In fact, it strongly urges against them, as most supplements do not prove any long term results. The Diet Solution program teaches all of the principles that you must follow before including any supplement into your meal plan. Any supplement, bar or shake will just be a waste of time and money without first following your personalized Diet Solution meal plan.

How will the Diet Solution Program affect my Diabetes?

If you are currently taking prescription medication for your Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, it is important that you discuss any changes in your daily nutrition with your physician.

Because the Diet Solution Program focuses on natural foods (such as healthy proteins and fibrous fruits & vegetables) and recommends the reduction of most processed grains, you may experience a natural reduction in blood sugar. You must discuss these changes with your physician so that he or she may oversee any necessary changes that need to be made in your current medications.

Many diabetics find it necessary to check their blood sugar more often in the initial stages of The Diet Solution Program.


The Diet Solution program is excellent for individuals who have weight issues and are tired of using diet plans that don’t work. Most of the recommended foods in the program are healthy and taste great. The program is not a quick fix for your weight issues, although it is an effective and easy to follow program that offers more healthy and nutritious food choices compared to other dietary health plans. The Diet Solution is definitely an effective weight loss program that is completely healthy and safe, which is why it comes highly recommended.

Discover Your recipes to lower cholesterol and Health Goals right away with these Simple and Effective Healthy Meal Plans. Try the Diet Solution Program Today!

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