Trans Fat Survival Solution – How To Avoid The Trans Fat Killer

“..Heart Disease Kills Someone Every 33 Seconds..”

“..Make Sure You’re Not Next With This Essential Survival Guide..”

Did you know?

About 950,000 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each year, which amounts to one death every 33 seconds.
Although heart disease and strokes are often thought to primarily affect men and older people, they are both also major killers of women and people in their prime.
About 61 Million Americans (almost one-fourth of the population) have some form of cardiovascular disease.
Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of premature, permanent disability among working adults.
Strokes alone accounts for the disability of more than 1 million Americans.
And that’s just what the Surgeon General has to say.

Did you know that the biggest contributors to this problem are Trans Fatty Acids (Trans Fats)?  Never heard of them?

In that case, listen up, because this is IMPORTANT. In fact, the Trans Fats that we consume through fast foods and processed food are major cases for coronary heart diseases across the “Western world”.

If it sounds as though I’m are trying to scare you.  .  . well, YES, I am, for your own good.  You should  be scared.  This particular drum has been beating quietly in the background of dietary concerns for years.

Now, the drum is beating louder.  So loud in fact, that New York City recently took the initiative to ban the use of Trans Fats in all restaurants in the city, including fast food.  And, other locales are taking notice of this drastic step.

What’s it going to take?

What is it going to take to get people to wake up and smell the coffee?  If 950,000 deaths or one every 33 seconds isn’t enough to make people take notice, what will?

Okay, so you aren’t a doctor and it all sounds so confusing.  It doesn’t matter.  If you had the opportunity to fight this problem for your own family, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?  Well, of course you would.  You just need to have someone break it all down so you can begin to save the lives of the ones you love…and yourself – right?

Well, someone has done just that.  You are being thrown a lifeline and you need to grab it and run before YOU or anyone in YOUR family becomes another frightening statistic.</span>

The Trans Fat Survival Solution was written just for YOU.  Yes you, the one sitting behind that computer screen.  And, puhleaze don’t try to tell me that you have perfect cholesterol and consume no Trans Fats.  That’s Baloney…and let me tell you why!

Trans Fats are everywhere!  How are you supposed to fight what you can’t see?  You can’t, but you are just one click away from having all the answers you need to win the Trans Fat battle for you and your loved ones.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

What the heck ARE Trans Fats anyway? The full story revealed!

How they’re “hidden” in food YOU eat every day and probably don’t even know it!

The truth about “good” and “bad” fats, and why good fats can help you lose weight and stay healthy!

What should and shouldn’t you eat – where the Trans Fat lurks!

Discover the myths that surround Trans Fats – the full dirty truth revealed.

Trans Fats and heart disease…the undisupted link and how you can break it.

The real hidden dangers of Trans Fat…the Fast Food industry does NOT want you to know this!

How Trans Fat turbo charges “bad” cholesterol production in you and how to combat it.

Trans Fat links to Diabetes and Obesity…what you NEED to know.

How Trans Fat can damage your pregnancy.

What is Fatty Acid Deficiency and how it can affect your health.

Everything you NEED to know about those confusing food labels.

What are the substitutes for Trans Fats and should you eat these?

How to become a smart shopper and recognize the dangers that lurk – before you buy.

Your trans fat FAQs…Everything you need to know, nothing is left to chance…after all this is YOUR life!

If you aren’t frightened enough to take action, you should be.  If a city like New York thinks that this is a big enough problem to warrant banning it from all their public eateries, with no exceptions, shouldn’t you be wary enough to fully explore and understand  this life-threatening problem and protect your family?

Do it now!  You and your family will be glad you did in the years to come!

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